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Crafting Arrows

Arrows are your basic ammunition to use with Bow Weapons.

  • Each bow has its own arrows it can use. (so not all arrows are USABLE with all bows)
  • You can loot, trade or craft arrows. The first arrows you can make are wooden arrows and only cost wood to make.

Advanced arrows will require more than just wood to craft.

Difference between the arrows

Distance, Damage/Effect, Bow used with, and if they are Retrievable.

Craft Table

Type Damage/Effect Ingredients Used by Retrievable ?
Wooden Arrow Low/Basic 5 Wood Wooden bow Yes
Arrow Low/Basic 5 Wood Bow, hunter's bow, Sinew-backed bow Yes
Medium Arrow Medium/Good ROF 5 Wood, 5 Sinew, 1 Boar Tusk Sinew-backed bow Yes
Heavy Arrow High/Slow ROF 10 Wood, 5 Sinew, 1 Boar Tusk Eagle Bow, War Bow Yes
Sound Arrow Area Effect/Area sound to lure enemies 5 Wood, 5 Gunpowder, 3 Stone Hunter's bow No
Long Arrow Medium/Long Range 6 Wood, 2 Buffalo Sinew's, 2 Iron Arrowhead Eagle bow No
Exploding Arrow Area Damage/Creates Explosion 6 Wood, 6 Gunpowder, 2 Flint, 2 Cloth Ash bow No
Toxin Arrow Area Stun/Creates toxic cloud that stuns in area 5 Wood, 2 Peyote Root, 3 Puffball Mushroom, 4 Medicine War Bow No
  • TIP:Try and let your warriors/camps make and use "easy to make" arrows and keep the harder-to-make ones for your Chief until a good supply is available.

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