This Land Is My Land Wiki

As you will notice you start with one camp with x warriors (depending on your name).

Default a camp will always “hold back” two warriors to “defend” the camp. So if your camp only have two warriors it is normal that they are staying in the camp. However you can still decide to send all warriors away through any order (with exception the add order). The camp will then appear “lost” since not one of your warriors is there to “hold” it but as soon as you or any other warrior comes back to the camp you still have the camp and all its inventory. (is this still correct with the latest patches?)

A camp or warrior can do many things:

  • "Add order” or auto-gather
    • Demands: at least 1 idle warrior in camp
    • So when there are three idle warriors in a camp where they have orders added; one will go out and fulfill the highest priority order. Keep in mind the resources: if your highest priority order is bows/arrows: don’t be surprised if all your warriors go out for wood…
    • If there are weapons in this camp, the warriors will auto-take the weapons so they don’t go out unarmed
    • Know that some ingredients or items require specific conditions or environments for example to gather wood your warriors need to be in a forest, for hunting buffalo they need to be near a buffalo… (you can still try and they will find it but not so much and often as it could)
  • “Create settlement”
    • Demands: at least one idle warrior + x rope, x wood and x …
    • When you choose to create a settlement you will need one free warrior in a camp and he will also leave this camp once you created the order. You also need the items required to build a new camp.
    • You can choose where you want to build a camp but it has to be one of the predefined places. You can’t select a place in the middle of the jungle, you can only “build over” existing camps or the predefined locations of camps.
    • Keep in mind that if you don’t give this warrior (or group of warriors) weapons they might die before they reach the place of the new settlement having two effects:
      • 1 the camp won’t be build
      • 2 you lose your warrior(s) + their inventory
  • “Go gather” order
    • Demands: at least one idle warrior in camp
    • You can choose how many warriors you want to send out to gather one specific item. This will always be a hunting or gathering item and can’t be a result of a recipe.
    • If you want your warriors to go hunting, they will need bow and arrow. For now it doesn’t seem possible to let your warriors hunt with guns.
    • However if they go out to gather wood, you can still add guns to make sure they can defend themselves against wild creatures or patrols.
  • “Attack” order
    • Demands: at least one idle warrior in camp
    • You can choose how many warriors you want to send out to attack and also where they have to attack. However this must always be an enemy settlement, you cannot ask your warriors to attack a patrol or to attack an empty place.
    • Where you can attack is limited through a big circle around the camp you want to attack from
    • It seems pretty obvious but still: don’t forget to add weapons to your warriors or they will go at it with their fists… Probably not very good for your population of warriors…
  • "Tame horses”
    • Demands: at least one idle warrior in camp
    • You can send out as many warriors as you like to go out and tame horses. Their chances to succeed are way bigger if you equip them with “hay bait”.
    • Don’t forget to arm your warriors, even if they are not attacking or hunting; they can still run into hostiles and need weapons to protect themselves.
  • “Move warriors”
    • Demands: at least one idle warrior in camp
    • Pretty straightforward: moves one or more warriors from one camp to another. I haven’t noticed there is a limitation from how far you can send them but they all have to be connected through “your land”.
    • Don’t forget to arm your warriors or there is a chance, depending on the hostility of the environment you will lose one or more warriors during the journey.
  • “Disband camp”
    • No demands
    • Disbands the camp so the camp will be gone. All the warriors will move to closest camps. Watch out for overpopulation of the nearest camps.
    • Any inventory that cannot be carried will be lost (Best to move inventory first).

Your camps have, for now at least, unlimited inventory. So doesn’t matter how much items your store there or how many orders you have going on: the camp will continue to hold your items in storage no matter what (unless the camp is destroyed by enemies, I think you lose all your stuff then… (confirmation?))

Interesting information: when you use “add order” (auto-gather) or manually send out warriors to hunt something they will need bow and arrow. A frequently asked question is how many arrows do I give to my warriors? There is not really one clear answer on this one. First of all it really depends on how far your camps and “economy” is… Do you have a 1000 arrows? Ok then you can give them 100 arrows and you will not miss them… Most of the time you will find yourself with a lack of arrows, making it a hard choice how many arrows you can miss for gathering.

But a “rule of thumb” here is: for every 1 pelt you want them to get they need at least one arrow. So if you send out 10 warriors and you want them to bring back 10 pelts you should give them at least 10 arrows. There’s an “easy” way to get over your shortage of bows or arrows through order management of camps. I will explain this in the next section “bow/arrows management”.

This does not apply to other materials such as stone or wood: you can send these out unarmed and they still gather wood/stone.