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Consumables in This Land Is My Land are items found in loot boxes that can be either eaten or drank. These items by themselves affect one or more attributes such as Health or Stamina, or provide an effect.

These items are NOT Craftable, but can be used in Crafting. This does not include Potions or Poison.

Item Name Weight (x1) Effect
Whiskey 0.7

Heals Shock

Tobacco 0.1
Sausage 0.5
Smoked Meat 0.5
Bota Bag 0.3
Canteen 0.3
Nuts 0.2
Honey 0.5
Dried Fish 0.5
Medicine 0.1
Tomato 0.2
Apple 0.2
Corn 0.2
Melon 0.5
Egg 0.1
Distilled Water 0.5
Bread 0.5
Cheese 0.2