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There are 4 Types of Enemy NPCs.

If scouting is unlocked and Chief is using a Glass, markers will appear over the heads of Enemies. The type of marker shows importance of that Enemy. Stars denote a leader or someone who may provide additional info if interrogated.
  • Settler - Found/Spawns at Enemy POIs. Basic HP and Awareness, and Low DPS. Has a set routine. May be on horseback.
  • Wagoneer - Found driving wagons. Basic HP and Awareness. Will flee quickly, unless dismounted then considered a settler. Usually followed by 1-12 settlers.
  • Calvary - Spawns in groups of 3-18 along roads close to Enemy POIs, Patrols Roads and Attacks Player Camps. Always on horseback. High HP and Awareness, and high DPS. Very quick.
  • Captains - Soldier/Leader. High HP and awareness, and high DPS. Wears hats, better loot. More likely to offer information with Intimidation tactic. Denoted by a Star Icon above head.