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In this game, as like many others, you can gather a lot of stuff. Going from animal skins/parts to plain wood/stone. Most of the things you can just gather by coming across it in the world and pressing “f” when it prompts you. Others however will require a certain skill. For example animal skins and animal parts will not be found unless you have the skinning skill. Here you again have a choice: if you want to go gather everything yourself then go for the skinning skill under the hunter tree. However if you want to make it to end-game, you want your warriors to be able to go out and hunt for these animal skins/parts and you don’t have to do everything yourself! If you want this you need the skill under “chief” (instead of hunter) which will allow you to order your warriors to go gather animal parts/skins. There’s an exception with recipes: if you unlock recipes with your SP, all your warriors will be able to craft this recipe. This does not apply to guns, you are the only one who is able to "craft" (actually upgrade) guns. Bullets cannot be crafted in this game, only found or traded. Some things are very easy to spot and to find such as wood: it’s a specific branch that can be harvested and once you’ve harvested a dozen of these you will notice which one are farmable and which aren’t. Others are harder or nearly impossible such as stone: a specific stone on the ground can be harvested the same way as wood. However these are clearly more difficult to spot with your naked eyes so this will take more effort and time to farm them yourselves. I’ve personally not collected 10 stone in all my playthroughs together: one of the first things I let my warriors gather for me is 200 stone. If you really need a specific item bad and you can’t wait for your warriors to gather it all you can ask the game to help you by “creating objective”. If you ask this, the minimap will show you where you can find these with yellow dots on the minimap. Especially early game this can be a serious gamechanger. Not all things are “gatherable” or “farmable”. Some things you will only be able to find looting from the enemy, trade in trading posts or buy off social. These are for example weapon parts, bullets, weapon recipes,… Or general “western” things you don’t need much or frequently but sometimes you can need it such as leather, oil, gold, iron, iron arrowheads,… Another example of something you can’t gather is “peyote”. You can make very strong toxins with this so if you find it I would suggest keep it until you’re end-game and you can unlock strong poisons with it.

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