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Grabbing is taking your enemy and holding him while threatening him with your knife.

  • AFTER grabbing an opponent, your character will automatically start interrogating the enemy.
 The enemy could say nothing or he could provide you with some intel. 
 Maybe give away a buddy's or a leader's position. Or even a fort's location. 


  • When the interrogation is over it will display:
The enemy has nothing more to say. 
  • You can interrupt interrogation at any time by making a choice
    • Kill (default key: mousclick)
    • Stun the enemy (default key: F). (See: Non-lethal force)


There are two ways to grab an enemy:

  • While hidden: when you are hidden, you will always be able to grab an Enemy with full health (or lower). Just get close enough and press F to grab. Keep in mind your position might change because of the animation or this action might cause a sound (see Loudness).
  • During combat: when your enemy drops below X % health (default = 30%) you will also be able to grab an enemy by using F, this will be prompted if it becomes available. You can lower this % by unlocking skills.


  • Grabbing an enemy will end the fight with that NPC, other enemies will still attack you, and friendly-fire is a real possibility.
  • Keep in mind if you are fighting off multiple enemies that grabbing one of them might put you in a vulnerable position.
  • Sometimes you will need interrogation to start, continue or finish Quests.