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This page will serve as a basic how to play guide for This Land Is My Land. While there is very little information available at this time, we urge you to check back often, as new information is being added all the time! Feel free to edit this guide with any tips, tricks, and suggestions.

Basic gameplay[]

This game has multiple gameplay elements. You play a native chief who is starting a resistance tribe to counter the intruders from taking your land for their own. Game is Solo Play. View as 3rd POV FPS from either left or right camera position, OR a top-down Overview Screen RTS style.

The biggest part of the gameplay is playing asChief, and you use him as a warrior/assassin to vanquish the Enemy as a one-man army or with the help of your warriors, in the aim of taking back or reconquering your Land. You can see this represented in the Overview Screen, displayed as a bar above the main map. Anything Red is Enemy-Controlled, Grey for Neutral, and Yellow for Player/Friendly.

Player Vs. Enemy Held Land

The other part of the game you will be managing your Player Camps, from a top down overview screen with map. You can choose whether to create camps, attack enemy POIs, gather materials and more utilizing your NPC Warriors.

There is a gathering and crafting system in place so some of the time, if you choose to do this, you can gather and craft. See Gathering and Crafting.

There's also two kinds of Trading systems: one offline (trading posts on the map in-game) and one online Social Menu.


You use the default keys as in any other game to move your character.


Default Key Use
W Forward
A Left
S Back
Q Left Camera
E Right Camera
D Right
C Sneak/Hide (Toggle/Hold, See Stealth Below)
SPACE Dodge/Roll, can combine with W, A, S, D
F Action/Use Key (See Actions below)
E Quick Use Skill Select (See Quick Use below)
G Quick Use Skill
1 Hold to Select Weapon and Ammo
2 Hold to Quick Use Item
ESC Main Menu (game is paused)
TAB Overview Screen (game is not paused)
F9 High-Res Screenshot* (No UI)**
F10 Low-Res Screenshot* (UI)**
F11 In-Game Bug Report
Numpad Enter Toggle First/Third Person
  • screenshots stored in: %appdata%/local(low)/GameLabs/ThisLandIsMyLand/Screenshots
    • F9 is for FPS mode with no User Interface, May cause game freeze as it's 4 or 8k res.
    • F10 is low quality screenshots of whatever is current view, Overview Map or FPS mode.


  • Pressing F is used for multiple things, such as:

Quick Use[]

  • Hold E to select Skills
    • Most skills require you to hold G to use them (for example stone throw, tomahawk, detect enemies, spyglass,...)
  • Hold 1 to select Weapons and ammo type for weapons.
    • You must Click on the weapon AND ammo. They will show as highlighted when selected.
  • Hold 2 to select Quick Use Items.
    • Item will be used upon release of key.


  • Toggle C to crouch/crawl, this is a good way to lower your sound and visiblity to your enemy
  • Use cover from any objects (trees, bushes, houses,...) to prevent line-of-sight with the enemy
  • Hold C to Hide. When you hold C you will lie down very close to the ground. You are unable to move when doing this but it is a very good way of trying not to be seen by an enemy.
  • See page Stealth for more

Tips and tricks[]

See Also: Videos & Video Tutorials

  • Dodge/roll covers a decent distance, use this to bridge the distance between you and your enemy
    • If you time and calculate your character's position and key-pressing you can roll & grab simultaneously using SPACE and F, though you need to be close enough and your timing needs to be good.
  • Focus on the smaller camps you can handle by yourself, getting your Skill Points SP up so you can invest them in crafting and other various Skills of your Chief.
  • Once you feel a bit more confident, you can attempt to release some prisoners by taking on some towns/forts. Whenever an Enemy POI or Quest objective is met, 1-15 warriors will randomly join your cause on the map and walk to the nearest Player Camp.
  • Even if you’re not going in stealth: try and get into the practice of making use of cover and Line of Sight. You cannot die in this game, but you will get knocked down at 0 Health, and re-spawned at nearest Player Camp or Player Outpost. Your inventory will be found at the site of your death, and you will lose a large chunk of SP. Knockdowns auto-generate a Quest for Revenge against the Enemy that knocked you down.

Once you invest in the scouting skills, you can use the spyglass to mark enemies, very helpful to know before you go in, as the markers update when you are in range and also show high-ranking enemies that you can interrogate for Quests.

The Enemy in general:

As mentioned before you have multiple enemies you want to consider when playing this game:

-         Wildlife who will randomly spawn and move around with no purpose (as in real life)

-         Enemy town *name* (the British) who will expand and conquer

-         Enemies residing on your land (the French) who will just sit back and defend “their” land

There’s only one enemy you will never completely vanquish and that is the wildlife. So from beginning to ending this is a viable enemy which will take many lives if you are not careful and cautious with this enemy.

The other two enemy factions are vanquish-able.

The “French” being easy and neutral and the “British” being adaptive to your actions or inactions and hostile to the Player and Warrior NPCs.

So first about the French they are just camps sitting there from 1 or 2 armed men to XX (biggest I’ve encountered was 20+) and it could be a bivouac or an actual fort or anything in between.

These are your primary targets in the beginning of the game: small camps which you can easily manage by yourself to get you some good old SP.

As said: in the beginning these camps will be easy but later you will find heavy armored forts with only one way in and these will prove more challenging.

But the real enemy is actually the British and especially the enemy town who will be impossible to ignore between your in-game notifications. The enemy town will have a name but for each game this is different. This is a random generated name, as is every other name in the game. (except some NPC’s have a name chosen by a founder (another player), see founder's Edition).

Now this enemy (the enemy town aka British) acts as a player. Meaning it will react to your play style; it will improve itself and try to achieve the goal of this game: getting all the land.

So in the beginning you don’t want to spend much time or effort looking in to this great arch-enemy. Rather you want to focus on building your own empire, skills and economy. But as time goes by, it is interesting to try and “contain” this enemy that you don’t end up with 1% vs 99% and then you start thinking “hmm I’m going to start making some bows!”…

Now this is where the game really gets interesting. Because each time you play and every player in the world have a unique experience based on their choices and actions in the game.

For example: if you kill a lot at some point you will get the notification that the enemy is aware that you are killing. (mostly this will be “during the day” or “during the night”, but that’s a detail we will look in to later). This actually means that the enemy will now start looking out for you. This is a big change on how you will be able to use for example stealth to your advantage: an “unaware” enemy will spot you way less easy than an “aware” enemy who is actively searching for hostiles and expecting to be attacked.

Also they will try and self-preserve. So if you clear out all but one settlement of the enemy in one piece of land: chances are high that this settlement will start sending out patrols. Not only to check on nearby settlements or bivouacs but also clearing the road and the area in general.

An example: (mid-game) I tried to clear out a settlement, on my own as always, and died. Not only did I lose all my bows and arrows but the settlement itself was still there. So as any other player, I equipped myself for war and tried again. I died again. This happened about 3-4 times. Until I got a notification saying they’ve adapted to the situation. I went back for the fifth time trying to solo the whole thing and I saw they walled the settlement. So this wasn’t a settlement anymore but they’ve upgraded this to a fort. So before there were no walls just 2-3 building and 10, maybe 15 men guarding the place. Now it had full walls with only one entrance, this entrance constantly guarded by 4-5 men. And to make things worse: 3-4 patrols patrolling the area. And I mean AREA! Not the road (where ofc I wasn’t) but actually moving in circles around the fort, trying to search and destroy me! Amazing experience! Of course I retreated with my tail between my legs since I didn’t have enough bows/arrows/wood to die yet another time. But still I love these twists in a game! And it really makes TLIML a unique experience every time you play!

These patrols will follow your pattern: if you kill a lot during the day; the patrols will be active during the day… And vice versa.

The enemy player also tries to outsmart you and will play on all fronts. So if you’re busy clearing land in the south; expect the enemy to start expanding in the north.

You will notice the enemy town will frequently send out gatherers to gather wood/iron/gold/…

This brings you with the opportunity to 1) kill/intimidate the gatherers to slow down the expansion of the main city 2) let them gather and steal all their stuff on the way home or just both if you can time it. Sometimes you will get a mission to do this: this will have a bigger effect on the slowing down of the enemy then without a mission + you can get SP from the mission. Though the only “disadvantage” the mission brings you: it has to be that specific group of gatherers. In most cases there will be more than one group out to gather so it does matter which one you kill. If you just want to slow down expansion, have fun or steal their stuff: it doesn’t matter which group you take. Know that this is an ongoing process: each time you kill a group of gatherers they will send out a new one. Meaning if you constantly take down the gatherers you won’t actually do anything else in the game but kill gatherers… But as long as you have fun, we don’t care! ;)

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