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Hunter Skills

The Hunter Skill tab has 7 different skills which you can put to use. From first to last:

Hunting Skill.jpg

Hunting Improves chance of finding more meat or sinew when skinning animals up to 50/75/100%.

Cost 1920/lv2/lv3 SP.

Gathering Skill.jpg

Gathering Improves chance of finding more flint, wood, leaf or mushroom when gathering up to 50/75/100%.

Cost 1920/lv2/lv3 SP.

Strike Skill.jpg

Strike This skill increases your knife damage by 25/50/75/100%.

Cost 2560/lv2/lv3/lv4 SP.

Skinning Skill.jpg

Skinning allows you to be able to gather pelts yourself. Improves chances when skinning animals up to 33/66/99%.)

Cost 3200/lv2/lv3/lv4 SP.

Herbalism Skill.jpg

Herbalism If you wish to collect rare plant parts this skill is necessary. Allows you to find rare plants when gathering up to 30/60/90%.

Cost 3200/lv2/lv3 SP.

Concentration Skill.jpg

Concentration Grants you ability to use your stamina to concentrate and slow down time. This will works while aiming at an enemy with a bow or certain crosshair.

Cost lv1/6400/lv3/lv4 SP.

Sneak Skill.jpg

Sneak Decreases your visibility while sneaking in grass by 30/60/90%.

Cost 3840/lv2/lv3 SP.

Fishing greatly increases the chance to catch a common fish : lv1fishes/lv2fishes

Cost 3840/lv2 SP.

Fishing Mastery Decreases the chance to scare school of fish by 70/40/10%.

Cost 6400/lv2/lv3 SP.

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