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Looting is the game term used for taking the possessions of a person (dead or alive). This can also refer to taking items from storage and loot boxes.

This game will always use the term "loot" to describe that you can open or take something based on where you are "pointing" at.

  • Use F (default key) to Loot
  • If there is no items it will explicitly say "loot (empty)".

Loot will be found on many places in this game:

  • On a person's body (dead or alive)
  • Boxes lying around (mostly stacked)
  • Sacks
  • Carts
  • Closets
  • Tables
  • Jackets (hanging inside the building)
  • Random tents, abandoned camps, Broken wagons in the wild

The bigger/better loot will be found in towns, Forts, Prisons, and large patrols.

Loot can be a single item or can be many items.

There are a few things that can only be found by looting in this game.

  • One of these things are weapon recipes. For now you are not able to buy or trade weapon recipes anywhere. Only way to get them is to find them yourself by looting in this world.

TIP: If you are knocked down/killed, all current Player inventory and weapons will be transferred to whomever killed you. A special 'Revenge' quest will be available upon your respawn that will indicate and allow you to track your killer and will reward SP upon their death, as well as allow you to get your inventory/weapons back.