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Naming used in This Land Is My Land is a game in and of itself.

Based on your name you receive perks or penalties.

These perks or penalties can be:

- increase health (or decrease as penalty)

- increase stamina (or decrease as penalty)

- increase weight (or decrease as penalty)

- increase warriors you start with (or decrease as penalty)

- increase starting SP (or decrease as penalty (?)) (not seen this before I think)

- unlock a skill at level "x"

The perks/penalties are based upon the letters you use for the name.

These are completely random and reset every month. (so lists of names on the internet are only accurate for max 1 month)

That's why best way to get a decent name is to ask the community in-game or on discord.

Names can give up to 5 perks; which make it a very decent bonus if you get the max.

Some perks are more interesting than others: SP for example is easy to gather in this game but weight is only increasable through skill, name or warpaint.

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