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Another unique aspect of this game is the fact you can use non-lethal force to neutralize or stun enemies.

Stunning an enemy is temporary and they will awake after an amount of time.

This can be achieved in a couple of ways:

  • grabbing an enemy and choosing the stun (F) option
  • use stun or toxin arrows (see weapons and arrows)
  • use upgraded throw stone skill

If you have used any of these methods you can then choose to intimidate this neutralized enemy. Watch out because left-mouseclick near the body will one-hit-kill him. When other enemies discover a stunned enemy, they will awake him.

You can intimidate by holding F. (Don't forget to loot first!)

In the beginning intimidating will take a while so be sure to do this on safe spots (not in the middle of town/road). But you can decrease this time with skills.

Advantages of not-lethal force:

  • more SP than killing
  • good karma
  • intel if interrogated (see grabbing)
  • enemy awareness

If you used anything else than grabbing you will not have interrogated the target. It is however still possible to wake the target by either waiting or damaging (not with mouse-click and not with headshots or you will kill) but take care because enemies who have been stunned will have very high awareness.