This Land Is My Land Wiki

Basic Skill Info[]

Like in any other game you have a set of skills at your disposal.

In the beginning of the game there are only two unlocked: luring enemy and throwing stone. Both do a bit of the same: one lures an enemy to your position (lure) and the other to a different position away from you (throw stone). As you progress through game skills can be unlocked by spending SP. The skill tree is divided into 4 categories: warrior, scout, chief and hunter.

Skill Costs[]

All skills require a certain amount of SP to unlock. This amount will change exponentially based on how many skills have already been unlocked.

Skill Categories[]

Warrior Skills :

Warrior skills will increase your health, stamina, damage, or accuracy. Or you can upgrade existing skills: such as improved stone throw which allows you to knock someone out by throwing a stone to their head. (knocking out does not kill, more on this later) Or unlock new skills such as the tomahawk which basically is the same as the upgraded stone throw but does kill a man instead of knocking him out. But instead of the stone you do have to retrieve the tomahawk before you can use it again.

Scout Skills:

Scout skills will increase your sneak ability or increase when you can “grab” someone (more on this in grabbing). You can also unlock new skills here such as enemy detect or spyglass. Most of these skills will help you identify enemies before you attempt an attack.

Chief Skills:

Chief skills will allow you to increase or improve your warrior’s gathering/hunting abilities, as well as resetting your current Karma Level. In the beginning you will want to focus on the latter: before you can upgrade to a higher level camp you'll need better gather skills for your Warriors what you need for the upgrade for you. Or you can unlock the hunter skills and go gather them yourself.

Hunter Skills:

Hunter skills will allow you to gather/hunt more advanced ingredients. You never achieve 100% chance of finding an ingredient. So even if you max out your skinning skill you will still have 50% chance to get a pelt or part you want. This is why it is recommended to let your warriors do the gathering/hunting for you. If you need 10 pelts, you could get them yourself after you killed 10 beasts. Or you could slay 100 beast and still not have 10 pelts.