This Land Is My Land Wiki

Social in this game assumes you have the Online box ticked on the Menu Screen.


  1. In-Game Chat:
    Pressing T allows text communication with other player currently online.
  2. Social Inventory:
    You can temporarily store items from your inventory, or camps in this storage. Items bought through Trading or received through Mail will also be stored here as well as trading tokens.
  3. Mail System:
    You can mail other Players or yourself, with or without items attached. Mailing is to Player name, not to your in-game Chief/tribename. All mail is available in all your saves. Very handy if you want to begin a new Resistance, but you'd like extra help from the Resistances prior to begin with!
  4. Market Trading System:
    You can buy or sell almost anything in the game for trading coins from other players. To sell something, your item(s) to be sold, (and/or trading tokens) must be in your Social Inventory first. All bought items (including Warpaints) will be placed in your Social Inventory. They added taxes but dont state what and where it goes towards. L+Ratio