Upgrading Camps

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Upgrading Camps[edit | edit source]

In order to be successful in reclaim your land, you need to have a large number of warriors.

In order to support a large number of warriors, you need multiple camps with high residence capacity.

Residence capacity is increased by "Upgrading" the camps.

The following table shows the type and quantity of materials that are needed to upgrade a camp to a specific max residence level:

6 8 15 20 25 30 Max Totals
Boar Pelt 10 10
Wood 10 10
Rope 10 15 25
Sinew 10 10
Wolf Pelt 5 5
Boar Tusk 20 20
Stags Pelt 20 15 35
Buffalo Pelt 5 10 15 15 45
Stags Horn 10 10
Buffalo Horn 10 15 25
Bear Claw 10 10
Bear Pelt 15 15

Camp upgrade process[edit | edit source]

You increase the maximum number of warrior your camp can contain through the "Upgrade" process.

Click on button circled here in red

In the this example 20 Boar Tusks, 20 Stags Pelts, and the 5 Buffalo Pelts are required to upgrade ROSEJOUR from a max of 8 to a max of 15 warriors.

Note: The resources need to be in the Camp Loot.

Camp actions[edit | edit source]

In the graphic below, the buttons within the red box represent the various camp actions.

Certain camp actions require a minimum amount of Warriors in the camp (see Residence Requirements below).

From left to right these are:

  • Attack - send warriors to attack a near by settlement/patrol/etc.
  • Gather - send warriors to gather a selected material.
  • Settle - send warriors to settle a new camp within a close by radius.
  • Tame Horse - send warriors to find and tame horses (Hay Bait is highly recommended).
  • Patrol - send (well armed) warriors to patrol between selected camps.
  • Send - move warriors from active camp to any other camp.

The following is a table of which actions are available at camp residence levels:

Residence Requirements[edit | edit source]

Residence Level Attack Gather Settle Horse Patrol Send
4 No No No No YES YES

CAMP CRAFTING[edit | edit source]

You can craft every know recipe in the camps. Use it to provide your Warriors with weapons and healing. It may be useful to craft other goods that may help your camps or yourself.