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Warriors mostly refer to your own NPC allies in your camps. However there are also "neutral" warriors on the map which you can ask to join your resistance. Mostly they will do so immediately, sometimes they have demands such as good karma or number of camps.


Warriors will mainly be used to gather, defend camps or attack enemy camps.

A warrior will automatically arm himself/herself with weapons of his/her choice from the camp where he is currently staying.

Unless you give him orders, then you have to arm them yourself. See Camps for a list of orders which almost all require you to arm your warriors.

Warriors will always defend themselves when attacked by enemies however they will find themselves, especially in the beginning of the game, vastly outnumbered and outgunned. So prepare yourself to lose a number of warriors.


Warriors are important in this game. Not only for gathering but also they can seriously help you overcome your enemy on the battlefield.

There are two truths you, young buffalo spirit, must learn to get a great warrior army:

  1. Don't let your warriors die or "they are not as salmon to bear"
  2. Get more warriors or "they must be like rabbits in spring"

First step: protect your warriors! You can perform this step from the moment the game starts!

A few ways to help your warriors in the harsh environment of TLIML:

  • Always make sure there are weapons in the camps where your warriors are staying
  • Try and clear neighboring pieces of land (as much as you can) before you let your warriors gather (with the exception of your first/main camp)
  • You can let your warriors craft bows and arrows (or any other weapon you own the recipe) so they always have weapons to defend themselves
  • You can also let your warriors gather and craft healing items which they themselves can also use to heal up

Second step: attract warriors!

Sadly you cannot let your warriors reproduce. But there are a couple of ways you can get more warriors in this game:

  • Freeing warriors from forts, towns, settlements, prison or prison transport
  • After freeing a piece of land chances are big you will get warriors join you
  • Get neutral camps to join you. Mostly they are with two; if they join you you have two extra warriors
  • Upgrade the skill that brings you more warriors each time early
  • Good karma has a chance of "once and a while" bring you "one or more" warriors